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Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi To Halong Bay – 7 Days

7 Days
  • Hotel
  • Hanoi, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh
  • Year round
  • Available
  • Available
  • English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • All meals during the trip
  • Oto, Motorbike
  • 12
  • 65


Embark on a thrilling adventure with our 7-day Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay, where you'll immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of Northern Vietnam. Traverse through breathtaking destinations such as Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc Waterfall, and the iconic Halong Bay. Northern Vietnam's diverse topography, ranging from majestic mountains to serene waterways, offers an unparalleled experience for motorcyclists seeking adventure.Joining our motorcycle tours in Northeast Vietnam promises unforgettable memories, guided by our experienced team at the Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club. Before setting off, let's take a moment to review the exciting itinerary of this extraordinary motorbike journey.


  • Only a week that you could visit many famous landscapes of Vietnam as in the world
  • Amazing combination of onroad and offroad
  • Spectacular landscapes in each kilometer of routes
  • Understand very well and detail about tribe culture that are lived in North East Vietnam


On the first day of our Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Trip, we'll set off towards the enchanting Ba Be Lake. After a scenic three-hour ride through the mountainous communities of Thai Nguyen province, we'll reach Cho Chu Town, where we'll pause for a delightful local lunch. Energized, our motorbike team will continue along splendid mountain trails until we arrive at Ba Be Lake.

Upon reaching the lake, we'll embark on a boat trip to Pac Ngoi village, home to the Tay ethnic community. Spend the afternoon immersing yourself in the beauty of Ba Be Lake and the surrounding national park. As the day draws to a close, we'll conclude our exhilarating journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Northeast Vietnam.

The morning at Ba Be Lake greets us with the serene sounds of rural life, offering a glimpse into the tranquil and captivating charm of Vietnam's countryside. Following a hearty breakfast with our Tay hosts, riders can unwind with a scenic boat trip on Ba Be Lake, the largest natural lake in Vietnam. As we continue our motorbike tour through North Vietnam, our crew will pick up speed towards Cao Bang city.

Along the way, we'll navigate through numerous passes, ascending and descending as we transition from mountainous terrain to the sprawling lowlands. While enjoying the ride, it's essential to stay vigilant, especially around blind curves. Feel free to pause and capture some memorable snapshots with your camera.

Arriving in Cao Bang by late afternoon, the journey from Ba Be to Cao Bang unfolds along an exhilarating trail, often regarded as one of the highlights of the Northern loop for motorbiking in Vietnam. We'll settle in for the night at a homestay or hotel, preparing for the continuation of our Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour in the coming days.

On the 3rd day of our North Vietnam motorcycle tour, we continue our journey through breathtaking landscapes of mountains and rice valleys, with our ultimate destination being the renowned Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most famous waterfall in Vietnam.

If weather permits, we'll have the opportunity to indulge in some leisure time, perhaps even swimming in the lagoon near the waterfall. These moments are often considered the most rejuvenating and enjoyable aspects of our motorcycle tours in northern Vietnam.

Following our time at the waterfall, our tour proceeds to the charming village of Quang Uyen town, nestled amidst picturesque mountains and verdant forests. Here, a vibrant community of Nung people adds to the cultural richness of the area.

It's worth noting that on April 12, 2018, UNESCO officially recognized the Cao Bang Geopark, designating it as a UNESCO Global Geopark. As a result, Cao Bang motorbike tours have become one of the most sought-after destinations for adventurers exploring the northeastern region of Vietnam.

Departing from Quang Uyen, our motorcycle tour through northeast Vietnam continues towards Lang Son Province. As we traverse the undulating mountains and valleys, the landscape constantly shifts, treating riders to breathtaking mountain vistas ideal for capturing stunning photographs.

The afternoon leg of our journey promises to be particularly spectacular. Over the course of 100 kilometers, we traverse numerous valleys, with one of the most enchanting being Bac Son.

Upon arriving in Bac Son valley, one is immediately struck by its refreshing and temperate climate, as well as the picturesque and rugged beauty of the surrounding limestone mountains and winding roads.

Bac Son valley boasts captivating scenery, with limestone peaks encircling the entire town. The rice fields of Bac Son undergo multiple planting cycles throughout the year, resulting in a patchwork of lush greenery and, during late November to mid-December, fields adorned with golden rice crops.

After a day of exploration, we'll spend the night at a hotel before embarking on the 5th day of our journey with the crew, where we'll be accommodated in a homestay within the Tay ethnic community.

Leaving Lang Son City behind, we set our course southeast towards Ha Long City, the renowned coastal town nestled along the Tonkin Gulf in northeastern Vietnam. The route meanders through rural landscapes, offering riders familiar scenes of tranquil Vietnamese countryside and winding mountainous vistas.

Our motorbike tour of northern Vietnam affords the crew the opportunity to savor the ride on smooth roads, devoid of the hustle and bustle typically found on busier thoroughfares.

Arriving in Ha Long City in the afternoon, our team will have the chance to explore the seaside town on foot.

As the 5th day of our Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour draws to a close at 5:00 pm, we'll check into a hotel in Ha Long City for a well-deserved rest.

The morning grants you the freedom to wander around and soak in the tranquil ambiance of the town. By 11:00, we'll convene as a team and make our way to the tourist harbor, where we'll embark on a grand cruise adventure. Indulge in a sumptuous seafood lunch served onboard.

The remainder of the day is yours to bask in the awe-inspiring allure of Halong Bay, a destination that has captivated countless visitors over the years. Engage in invigorating activities like kayaking, swimming, and sightseeing.

Tonight marks the final night of our Vietnam motorcycle tour aboard the cruise ship.

As the tranquil morning unfolds, immerse yourself in the stunning vistas of islets and the crystal-clear blue waters. Following a delightful breakfast featuring an array of dishes, the cruise will embark on a brief journey around the bay before returning to the harbor.

Upon disembarking from the cruise, our motorcycles await the team at the harbor, marking the commencement of the final leg of our North Vietnam motorbike tour from Halong to Hanoi. This last stretch of the journey offers smooth riding, as the entire route boasts well-paved, wide roads of high quality.

Our motorbike crew is expected to reach Hanoi by 5:00 pm.

While seven days may seem short, we trust that this Vietnam motorbike excursion has enriched your experiences and gifted you with unforgettable moments throughout your travels.

The Cost Includes

  • Well-experienced English Speaking Tour Guide (also good at Mechanical Skills – Photographer)
  • Recent & Well-Maintained CRF 300L – Gasoline
  • 25% Riding Time Offroad per day ( Enduro Routes upon your request )
  • Good Accommodation: 4-star hotels – resort based on twin rooms and high standard homestay to know more about the cultures.
  • All meals on tour: Enjoy local food in every region you visit.
  • Water – Solf Drinks
  • Boat trips on Lakes or Rivers – Ferry
  • All entrance tickets/ Permits to remote areas
  • International Airport Pickup – Drop Off
  • 1 Night of Ethnic Entertainment at Homestay for a group from 2 riders
  • Helmets – Gloves – Protection Guard for Elbows & Knees – Pants (If we have your size )
  • Riding Shirt for souvenirs
  • Hotel Before the Tour
  • 4G simcard
  • Overnight Train Ticket (soft bed) and bike shipping fee from Lao Cai – Sapa

The Cost Excludes

  • Personal insurance – Travel insurance (this is at your own risk)
  • Motorbike insurance to Cover any damages to the motorcycle (Click here to know more)
  • Air ticket – Visa fee (approximately 25 USD/person, depending on nationality)
  • Tip, personal expenses, and other expenses not described in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Single Supplement for Single Occupancy
  • The Hotel After riding

Luxury Price

TOUR COST IN USD PER DAY PER RIDER ( All is inclusive, all meals, all accommodations, bike, guide )The tours are all-inclusive packages. Once you leave Vietnam, your only extra expense might be for a cold beer, or a souvenir! + Option 1: 150 USD per day per person ( Tour by Honda XR150L ) + Option 2: 160 USD per day per person ( Tour by Yamaha WR155R ) + Option 3: 170 USD per day per person ( Tour by Honda CRF250L ) + Option 4: 190 USD/ day/ per rider ( Tour by Honda CRF300L )

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Motorcycle Tour From Hanoi To Halong Bay – 7 Days
  • Hotel
  • Hanoi, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh
  • Year round
  • Available
  • Available
  • English, Spanish, French, Chinese
  • All meals during the trip
  • Oto, Motorbike
  • 12
  • 65